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what is fashion marketing ?
What is fashion marketing? Fashion marketing is producing to the target audience what the fashion designer is actually wanting to make the clothes or make the designs for and it is looking to, pretty much looking into these certain groups and finding out what they like, what they do like and what they will continue purchasing. An example of this is targeting a specific group of people and seeing what they like and what they are into and what they want to pretty much what they buy and so say a group would be more of the trendy pop people. What is the style about? How can you generate that for them to come to your store to buy your, to buy your product. So you are appealing to that and so it is from the photo shoots from the clothes, the design and the styling you are trying to get those audiences in to buying your products and your styles. So marketing is just more of generating your audience to come to you and appealing to them.

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